Research experience

Hi! I'm Elena, a physicist and graphic designer. I did my PhD working on an atomic optical clock project. An optical clock is a laboratory device, that allows to measure frequency with extreme accuracy (up to 10-18). Our optical clock is unique one based on thulium atoms. If it sounds interesting to you, feel free to explore the project webpage, or just ask me - I would be happy to tell you more about thulium, clocks and atoms!

Hands-on skills


• Design, assemble and adjust free-space and fibre optical setups (AOMs, EOMs, waveplates, Faraday isolators, control beam profile and polarisation)
• Resonators - Fabry-Perot cavities, ring resonators. Modeling, design, assembling, alignment, mode matching, stabilisation
• Imaging system and photodetection. Calibration, design, assempling, alignment
• Spectroscopy. Atomic absorption spectroscopy. Lasers’ spectral characteristics measurement.
• Laser frequency stabilisation. High-fineness cavities (ULE), saturated absorption, Pound-Drever-Hall, Hansch-Couillaud


• Commercial lasers (continuous-wave titan-sapphire and diode lasers), frequency doublers. Troubleshoot, clean, align and maintain.
• Tapered amplifiers – install, align, correct beam profile.
• Home-made frequency-doublers. Design and calculate enhancement cavity (matrix optics calculation), assemble, adjust
• Home-made diode lasers, 410 nm. Design and assemble optomechanics, temperature stabilisation, injection-locking


• PID loops - laser frequency stabilisation. Piezo ceramics - cavities length, current control, temperature stabilisation
• RF modulation, setup and troubleshoot RF generators and amplifiers
• Troubleshoot electronics
• Solder custom electronics and connectors. Photodetectors, filters.
• Noise minimisation.

Data analysis and Programming

• Python and Mathematica
• Measured data analysis, fitting, modelling
• Image processing
• Numerical simulation, statistical analysis


• Vacuum chambers assembling and backing, down to 10-8 mbar
• Setup turbo-molecular pumps, ion pumps

Relevant positions

• R&D in lasers, imaging systems and measurement devices, optical and photonic devices, spectroscopical devices
• optical engineer
• test and measurement engineer
• quality assessment
• researcher
• application engineer
• data analyst

NKT Photonics, Agilent, SpioSystems, cphnano, Quantum Machines,(QDevils), SparrowQuantum, OFS, Lightnovo

Medical devices

3Shape, Ambu, Radiometry

Food quality control

Foss, Arla

Educational Technology and Science communication

Labster, Ferdio, Science Melting Pot

Research equipment

Soft skills

Technical writing

• Articles. Writing, collaboration with coauthors, convey idea and support it with measured evidences
• Information processing. Analyse a large volume of technical information, structure it and extract the essence.
• Funding proposals. Generate ideas, feasibility study, plan research activities and budget.
• Reports. Internal for weekly meetings, annual internal reports and external reports for funding agencies.
• Lab journal. Document all laboratory activities, including modifications made to the setup and records of measurements taken


• Teaching. Course on light-matter interaction for students,  course program and educational materials, lectures and examinations.
• Search information from diverse sources, structure it into a consistent narrative, and explain it in an accessible manner
• Present research results at conferences and meetings


• Planning measurement activities, coordinate work of the group, supervision of master students
• Equipment purchases. Plan budget, find suppliers, required specifications for tender, contracts, acceptance reports
• Facilitate workshops, seminars. Member of organisation committee of two international conferences.

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