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AdaptyvBio is a biotech startup that provides tools for fast and cheep protein engineering. The aim of the project was to create a prototype of Foundry Portal - a web app, where users will be able to manage their projects, track experiment status, design new experiments and analyze results.

User flow

Exploration of the user journey within the Foundry Portal is essential to identify necessary functional blocks and sections.


The set of typography and color styles, and the library of the components are the building blocks of the prototype. They allow to design and scale up the app consistently, and simplify the development process.

Icon set for the Foundry tools

At the heart of the portal is an experiment flow consisted of four stages: protein design, DNA build, protein build and protein test. Each stage provides various tools, and the icon set helps to navigate around them, and reflects the experiment process structure.


The walk-though video on the top of the page gives you a glimpse of the prototype in action. It's the first iteration of the app, which is currently under development. Although, an early access to some foundry tools is already available on the  AdaptyvBio web site.

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