Typography as a shape

Written text is significant to our perception - we tend to read it automatically. We read the meaning, but at the same time, the text's appearance affects our impression - we absorb it mostly unconsciously. In the project below, I aimed to bring the visual aspect of typography to the foreground. For this, I construct situations when the letters are seen primarily as a form. In other words, the attention shifts from reading to viewing, so the plastic properties of letters become prominent.


This is the first way to look at a letter without reading it. The letterform becomes a part of the whole while defining its visual qualities. Here it was interesting for me to see the different personalities of the same letter in grotesque and antique typefaces.

Pattern from letter, grotesque typefacePattern from letter, antiqua

Typographic portrait

Another method to overcome the impulse to read the text is to build from it something even more important for our perception. A human portrait, for example. There is nothing more eye-catching for us than a human face. Below is an attempt to create personages that reflect the personality of the typeface they are built of. Try to hover on to reveal symbols.

Text block as an object

The combination of a human figure and typography also looks catching. An image of a person determines a three-dimensional context, taking the text out of the 2D space. Below you can see two examples of text blocks in the role of shapes.

Book cover, typography as a text block
The objective of this cover was to show strength and fragility, the sense that one manages to balance under stress.
Petter 2.0 book cover, typography as a text block
Petter 2.0 is a book about the transition of a living person to a cyborg. The figure is built of words that compose human lives, and those words transform into binary code. That shows a transition of Petter to the next step, to the next version of himself.


The most assets in the project I did under the supervision of Alexander Vasin, Natalia Velchinskaya and Marina Krokhaleva during my study at Typomania school. The Petter 2.0 cover I made for the contest from Alpina Publisher and SkillBox school. The work got an audience choice award.

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