Akhetonics, website

Akhetonics is a deep-tech startup creating the first all-optical XPU, a general-purpose processor for ultra-low power, high-performance computing. The aim of the project was to create a website that stood out from the others in the field.

Website style

Besides the optical chips, Akhetonics also provides an in-house developed photonic design automation tools. Images of photonic schemes and code editors, together with the brand orange and black colours, inspired the website style.

Explanatory graphics

The Technology page explains the companie's product in detail. To support the narrative, the Akhetonics team drafted infographic sketches, and I recreated them, enhancing the structure and applying  the website visual style.

On-scroll animation

The on-scroll animation is one of the key explanatory visuals on the home page. The story boards walks through the Akhetronics product, starting from a non-linear element at the core, and zooming out to reveal its place in the the higher construction layers.

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